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Rolling guide/Standoff for Trafimet S45 and A81 Plasma torches.


Availability: In stock
Able to adjust for angle cut, straight line or curved cuts.

Rolling guide/Standoff for Trafimet A100 Plasma torches.


Availability: In stock
Able to adjust for angle cut, straight line or curved cuts.

Argon Regulator.


Availability: In stock
Argon replacement OEM regulator, for all Everlast TIG and TIG/PLASMA units. Calibrated in LPM. Also suitable for MIG use with mix gases. Floating Ball type.Can be used with any make or model equipment

Nova Foot Pedal - 22k Ohms

Was $299.00, now only
  • High Quality Import replaces SSC
  • New! From Nova Welding Industries
  • 2 Million Cycle Japanese made Potentiometer improved over 1 million cycle of SSC
  • Improved Strain relief on cable
  • Designed for all units with 22K ohm or 50K ohm pedals
  • Excellent choice for upgrade or replacement
  • Lowest profile, compact size.
  • Offers most precise control of amps
  • Fitted with 7 pin connector for TIG
  • 6m length

PowerCart 300 - SUITS 315LX 252STi etc

Was $375.00, now only
  • Low profile designed especially for large frame unit such as PowerTIG 315LX, PowerTIG 350EXT, PowerMTS 252STi
  • Low center of gravity
  • Holds "nested" units with water cooler
  • Rear deck accomodates full size gas cylinders, includes adjustable safety chain restraint
  • Easy to push/pull around shop with front pivoting casters.
  • Not designed for use with smaller welders.
  • Some adjustment may be required upon assembly depedning on model being used with the cart.
  • Water cooler sold separately

PT60 Machine Torch


Availability: Limited
  • CNC/Machine torch version of iPT60
  • Straight Head
  • Fits 2015 and newer Power Plasma 50S/60S with Central connector
  • Shoulder Striking design starts arc on shoulder
  • Offers increased cut capacity over older S-45 machine torch
  • Innotech iPT60M
  • Central Connector

Parker DSP 360 Spool Gun


Availability: Out of stock

The new Parker DSP 360 Spool Gun is capable of 300 amps of welding power. This unit is heavy duty and designed to go the distance. The 36 series consumables will interchange with Everlast units that are equpped with 36 series MIG guns. It is designed to fit the Everlast Power i-MIG 230i Power i-MIG 275S, Power i-MIG 275P and the PowerMTS 251Si. (Note Power i-MIG 230i and PowerMTS 251Si are not equipped with the 36 series MIG gun as standard main gun, but can be also upgraded with 36 series main gun as an option if matching consumables are desireable) This gun is a pistol grip style with Euro Quick connect and amp controlled from the handle. Not for use with PowerMTS 400, or Power i-MIG 140E, 200, 205, 205P, 210, 250, or 250P.


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