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The Everlast engineers are very proud of the new lineup of Arc welders. With all the market emphasis on multi-function units it is easy to overlook the uses for a really good Stick (SMAW) welder. If you haven't used a professional inverter unit you are in for a very pleasant surprise – Hot Start, Arc Force Control, smooth as...

Professional welders in pipeline, shipyard, earthmoving, etc., will go for the PowerARC 200.

It is also a great machine for anyone needing extra power. It has a separate port for E6010 electrodes, and you can add an optional TIG setup if needed.

The PowerArc 140ST comes complete with a Lift Start DC TIG torch. A smaller unit than the PowerArc 200, it cranks out a very useful 140 Amps and has all the professional features you would expect on an Everlast product.

The PowerArc 160 Micro is perfect for the tradie needing a good welder to have in the ute, for the farmer, and the handyman. Very light and portable, easy start, and very, very smooth.

WelderInverter TypeProcessInput Voltage/phaseRated Output DC Amps @ 60% duty cycleHot StartArc Force ControlDigital Amperage DisplayRecommended maximum electrode sizeTypical Use
PowerARC 200Infineon IGBTSMAW and GTAW w/ opt. gas valve torch240 V 1 phase200 AYesAdaptiveYes4.7mmPipeline, Mining and Petrochemical, Fabrication and General Repair, Farm and Plant Repair, including Hard Surfacing, Home Workshop.
PowerARC 140STInfineon IGBTSMAW and GTAW240V 1 phase; 15A plug140AYesYesYes3.2mmPortable Repair, Farm, Hobby, Light fabrication
PowerARC 160 MicroIGBTSMAW240V 1 phase160ANoNoNo4.0mmPortable Repair, Farm, Hobby, Light fabrication

These PowerARC units are leaders in price performance. By using Siemens Infineon IGBT components, Everlast offer the highest duty cycles for this class of DC Inverter stick welders. With Single phase and their light weight, you can do more repairs without the needing to disassemble items and take them back to the shop.

Ordinary inverter welders do not perform well with E 6010 rods. The PowerARC 200 has separate E 6010 ports for true pipeline and heavy industry performance. The standard port gives smooth, easy welding using 7018 rods or any other you choose.

Hot Start gives an extra burst of current to prevent sticking. Adaptive Arc Force Control allows you increase penetration when necessary. These have been proven in the USA, Alaskan and Canadian markets, and now available in Australia.

All three units have DINSE connections for easy setup with no current loss, and easy reversal for those special jobs like hard-surfacing.

These are professional units.

If you are not a professional welder, check the price, these units will improve the quality and appearance of your welding.

You deserve Everlast quality.

Everlast — now you're welding.

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While welding is a valuable skill to possess, it is important to get the right machine to do the job. If you are a professional or a hobbyist and are trying to find the machine to fit your needs, Everlast can help. We offer a full line of welders for the hobbyist and professionals, including MIG, TIG, STICK and plasma cutters. We are proud to feature IGBT components and modules from Siemens for long life service whether in the field, in the shop or in the home. We offer convenient ordering capability without leaving your home or office.