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PowerTIG 250EX

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What's Included

The crown jewel of the Everlast PowerTIG line, the PowerTIG 250 EX has made a remarkably favorable impression on many industry professionals as a commercial class dual purpose Pulse TIG/ Stick (GTAW-P, SMAW) welder. With its notable easy arc starting and arc stability, it easily outpaces any transformer machine in the industry with its lightweight IGBT module design. Currently the PowerTIGs are found throughout a broad range of applications whether its in the home garage, motorsports facility, on the pipeline or in the shipyard. The intuitive controls and design make setup and operation easy for about any welder, regardless of training, skill or location. Though it has been compared to many high end machines for its phenomenal performance and features, the PowerTIG 250 EX really sits in a price class of its own, setting a new standard for the industry. Though the price is lower than any other major name TIG welder on the market, the PowerTIG does not skimp on components: name brand electronics and heavy duty construction can be found throughout the machine. Features such as Arc Force control, High pulse frequency, HF/Lift arc function, a wide range of AC frequency control, broad AC balance control, 2T/4T operation with full panel control parameters, and a spot weld timer make this machine well equipped compared to any welder offered by the competition. The duty cycle of 60% @ 250 amps exceeds the duty cycle at 250 amps of $6000.00 machines sold by the competition. No other 220V 1 phase capable welder comes close. With lower maximum amp draw than traditional transformer machines, this unit can be powered on most household and shop circuits without major modification. The PowerTIG 250EX also features 220V 3 phase operation capability for commercial applications where it is available. The Everlast PowerTIG 250EX comes with all the usual accessories: consumable starter pack, foot pedal, water cooled torch, cables, work clamp, and ball type regulator. DINSE style connectors and quick connect argon line, make changing the torch with another brand or style an easy task. If you want make use of all the power that the 250 EX has, then you might also consider the additional Power Cool 300 water cooler with stainless steel and copper construction to keep your torch cool and operating at its maximum performance level.