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PowerArc Welders

PowerARC 140ST


Availability: In stock
  • Dependable Fairchild IGBT inverter
  • New heavy duty internal design
  • Commercial 35% Duty Cycle at 140A
  • DC Stick/Lift TIG functions
  • Auto-adaptive Hot Start
  • Auto-regulated Arc Force control
  • Stepless adjustment
  • Impact resistant carry case



PowerARC 161STH


Availability: In stock
  • If you've been in the hunt for a well priced, well balanced and moderately powerful DC stick and TIG welder, then you know that pickings are slim. You can find a well priced unit, but does it honestly have everything you might someday need? Sure, it will work and get you by for now. But do you want that nagging feeling of wishing you could have gotten more in the way of features and performance? If this sounds familiar, then you might appreciate the fact that in our redesign of our PowerARC line, we did not forget about you. The new PowerARC 161STH offers you about everything you could want, but does not overwhelm you with things that, well you might need a engineering degree to figure out. The new digitally controlled PowerARC 161STH was designed to be a clear improvement over the older analogue PowerARC 160STH, without sacrificing the things that made the older unit so popular. We took quite a while to develop this new product, and while doing so, we listened to our customers "wish list" of ideas that they had about their units and tried to implement them in a simple, intuitive way in this new unit. One thing is clear, the older PowerARC 160STH favoured TIG more than stick performance. With this new model, both stick and TIG performance shine equally well. As far as added Stick features go, the most noticeable is the addition of the 6010/Cellulose capability. This is welcome news for those pros wanting to use this machine for pipeline or portable repair. 6010 and 6011 are go-to rods when fitup and rust are problems. So we improved the stick performance and went with this added feature. But also, we added in other features such as VRD (voltage reduction) and anti electrode stick for safety. And now the welder will let you choose how much arc force and hot start you use so you can tailor the arc performance to your welding style and operating environment, instead of having it preset at the factory.

  • As far as TIG features go, well, what more could you want in a basic DC TIG welder? Along with the HF start that was standard in the older model, we've added Lift start and a new "Live Lift" which allows you to keep the Tungsten "live" when a foot pedal or a torch switch isn't an option. Also, we've added a preflow and downslope to go along with the post flow of the older model to make the unit complete. Well, almost complete. Now you have the option of selecting 2T or 4T switch operation, to more precisely control the arc cycle when TIG welding, which really does round out the unit and its capability.

  • Oh, wait! Did we mention, that the new PowerARC 161STH also has a simple-to-use Pulse function, which offers adjustable pulse frequency? No? Well if you weren't fully convinced before that the PowerARC 161STH does you everything you could need in a small DC welder, then we sincerely hope that you are convinced now.

  • Take a look around if you haven't and take time to compare. But if you have and if you are looking at other "161" or "160" type units, you will be hard pressed to find something more at a price point anywhere near this unit's price. Check out all the details below for more and complete info on this new, well rounded competitor.



Power I-TIG 201


Availability: In stock
  • Dependable IGBT inverter
  • Analog style panel, digital control
  • Commercial, 35% Duty Cycle at 200 amps
  • DC TIG/DC Stick functions
  • HF or Lift TIG Start
  • Pulse up to 250Hz
  • Adjustable Stick Arc Force
  • Down to 5 amp start/operation
  • 120V/240V operation
  • Click "More Details" for Pipe Welder Special!




Most Everlast welders offer Stick function.

If you are looking for a powerful and very portable stick welder you can't go past the PowerArc 140ST. While only weighing 11kgs, it will do most jobs including stainless with auto-regulated Arc Force Control and Hot Start. The Everlast engineers have added a DC TIG capability so you can add the optional TIG kit now or later.

If you want more DC TIG capability and more Stick power go for the Power I-TIG201 with Adjustable Arc Force Control and Auto-Adaptive Hot Start.

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