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Multi-Process Units

PowerUltra 205


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  • All-in-one portability
  • Compact, yet powerful TIG welding/Plasma cutting features
  • Easy to use controls with simple selector switch for process changeover
  • Quick change out of torches for easy change from TIG to plasma back to TIG
  • Low power consumption due to inverter design
  • High duty cycle of 60% at rated amperages for TIG/Stick/Plasma
  • Front air pressure gauge for easy verification of air pressure
  • Over Current indicator warns when duty cycle has been exceeded
  • Clean and smooth plasma cuts on virtually any metal
  • Weld almost any metal (PowerUltra is DC output only, not suitable for Aluminium)
  • Exceptional arc stability for TIG/Stick functions




If you are a budget and space conscious welder or welding company, buying separate units to weld and to cut may present a dilemma. However, purchasing only one unit that can either weld or cut only may not seem like a satisfactory option either. What's needed is a unit that can satisfactorily combine several welding operations into one package. A lot of welder manufacturers have figured ways to combine several welding processes together, but few have offered a weld and cut multi-process unit. The all new PowerPro and PowerUltra line of multi-process TIG/ Stick/ Plasma Cutter units from Everlast has been created to fill the huge market gap in affordable multiprocess units that handle both welding and cutting.

With the increased use of inverter welders in the portable welding industry and in small shops and garages across the country, the PowerPro and PowerUltra series welders are perfectly suited for this type work. They are easily run off most modern portable generator/welders and have low input amperage requirements.

The PowerPro units feature advanced AC/DC TIG pulse, Stick, and plasma cutting functions, for welding and cutting any metal, including aluminium. The PowerUltra, offers basic DC tig, stick and plasma functions for welding steels and stainless steels, while offering cutting ability to cut any metal. All models are lightweight IGBT inverter based designs which offer good duty cycle performance at rated amperages. All units come fully equipped with TIG, Stick and Plasma Torches as well as basic starter consumable kits for TIG and Plasma functions. All you'll need is an electrical plug, argon gas, an air compressor and package tungsten and you will be ready to cut or weld when you receive your unit.