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Welders are the need of the hour in industries where new tools and machineries are developed. However, they are also used widely in home workshop for a number of welding jobs. There are different types of welders available in the market. Depending upon your requirement and preference, you can buy the right one easily. We, Everlast engineers with leading requirement of welders have come up with the new MIG welders with two most amazing ranges named Power I-MIG 160 and Power I-MIG 250P. As far as the Power I-MIG 160, the best MIG welder, is concerned, it is portable yet with a 5kg roll.

Now, the MIG welders can also be used for aluminium with the optional spool gun. You can use FluxCore wire with optional drive rolls in this MIG welder. What more can be talked about it is that a 100 Amp stick welder with Arc Force that handles both 2.5mm and 3.2mm rods. In addition to this,another best MIG welder, Power I-MIG 250 is also unique and widely used welder. Everlast broke new ground with the first affordable pulse MIG machine.

Advanced inverter design gives the stable arc needed for pulse MIG operation. The Pulse Cycle features are all fully adjustable, and combined with Burn Back and Arc Force controls your weld quality will be substantially improved. If you want to step up to Pulse MIG welding with Power, the Power I-MIG 250 Pis for you.

In addition to this, another power I-MIG 200 is designed for automotive, motor sports, light engineering work and manufacture, general repair, farm and home. The discretionary maximum metal thickness in a solitary pass is 10mm with wire diameters of 0.8mm to 1.2mm. Apart from this, Power I-MIG 205 is intended for automotive, motor sports, manufacturing, work and fabrication, general repair, farm and home. The optional maximum metal breadth in a single pass is12.5mm with wire diameters of 0.8mm to 1.2mm. Now, you can easily buy the best MIG welder at reasonable price from our store. So what you are waiting for, place your order and enjoy your welding jobs.

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While welding is a valuable skill to possess, it is important to get the right machine to do the job. If you are a professional or a hobbyist and are trying to find the machine to fit your needs, Everlast can help. We offer a full line of welders for the hobbyist and professionals, including MIG, TIG, STICK and plasma cutters. We are proud to feature IGBT components and modules from Siemens for long life service whether in the field, in the shop or in the home. We offer convenient ordering capability without leaving your home or office.